Develop a mind like the sky, vast and infinite

Our minds are vast and infinite, clear and spacious. Our minds have no boundaries, no limits. When we experience the vast clear spaciousness of our mind, the clarity of our awareness, we begin to see how our thoughts and feelings are like clouds in the sky, simply passing through this vast spacious awareness, not filling it up.

Our minds are completely clear just as the sky is completely clear. The light of the sun shines down on us through the clear sky. Our awareness and wisdom shines through the clarity of our minds. Sometimes clouds fill the sky and obscure the sunshine, but the sky doesn’t get upset, the sky doesn’t identify with the clouds. The sky doesn’t judge. The clouds just pass through the spaciousness of the sky. They come … and they go. The clarity and spaciousness of the sky isn’t compromised by the clouds. They just arise and pass.

When a thought or an emotion, an idea or an image or a sensation arises in your mind, just observe it. Let it arise and let it pass. Each thought, each mental event … just like a cloud. Your mind … the sky. Concentrate on that experience of space and bliss.

When we can simply observe our thoughts and feelings arising without getting involved, when we can identify with the sky instead of with the clouds, then we can reside in that spacious purity of our basic clarity of mind. Calm, clear, peaceful, open spaciousness.

May the blessings of these practices awaken your own inner wisdom and inspire your compassion. And through the blessing of your heart may the world find peace.