Be Like the Wind

You get your inspiration wherever you find it. In my case, it happened on my morning walk. I stopped along the lake to watch a mother duck lead her young ones away from me. I was hypnotized by their movement, by the way they all ducked their heads into the water at the same time, as if a mental signal had trigged the move.

My mind was worrying over the national political situation as I saw the wind move across the surface of the water. It occurred to me that the wind was not Republican, nor was it Democrat. It wasn’t good, nor was it bad … it just was … it existed. It didn’t care about me or the ducks or even the water.

We could do worse than emulate the wind. Of course, being human, we have feelings, sometimes strong feelings. We take positions. We dislike it when others tell us we’re wrong. We don’t like it when someone close to us hurts us.

But we don’t need to let these feelings fester. That is optional and up to us to deal with the situation. Buddha tells us we just need to note the feelings and then move on with our lives. No need to “get even.” Everywhere we look there are messages telling us to “level the playing field,” or “even the score.” But taking that action only magnifies the original hurt. It makes us remember; some would say even exaggerate the hurt. That doesn’t help.

Notice, then move on.

We need to be like the wind. Free … neutral. Present in the moment.

To be alive. Be free.

Be well.