A moving story

A friend of mine once had to explain to her four-year-old son that the woman who had been providing child care for I him since he was born was going to move away. Because her child was very attached to this person, my friend carefully told him about this step-by-step, making sure to say that the caregiver loved him, that they could write and talk on the phone and visit, but that she was going to move away and go live with her sister.
The little boy listened carefully, then said to his mother, “Mommy, tell me that story again but with a different ending.”
There are times when we cannot change “the end of the story” and make all the suffering go away. But the end naturally changes as we relate to the truth before us with awareness and compassion. This is the one teaching of the Buddha: the truth of suffering is also the path to the end of suffering.
–as told by the renowned Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg